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Drone Safety for Dummies

The popularity and purchasing of drones has grown exponentially, and why wouldn’t it? Drones have made the skies more accessible and the attainment of beautiful aerial footage and imagery seamless.

Because of irresponsible and unsafe drone operators, there are groups calling for stricter regulations on drones, which could mean that unlicensed flights could be completely banned and heavily policed.

Before you take to the skies with your brand new drone, keep these 5 safety tips in mind:

If you are new to flying make sure you practice

Go to a big open field away from power cables, buildings, people, cars, cats and dogs. Practice until you are competent. Read your drone manual. Know your drone and its’ limits.

Don’t fly over crowds, national monuments, nature reserves or near airports

It might look cool, until you fly into an unsuspecting bystander or aircraft and end up spending time in jail (yes, there is a 100% chance you will go to jail and spend time with hardened criminals if you hurt someone with your drone)

Always fly with a spotter

Have a friend with you who keeps an eye on the drone while you line up that perfect shot.

Telephone lines, buildings, trees and birds can take you by surprise.

Check your drone before you fly

Go through a pre-flight checklist. Is the battery fully charged and are the props safely secured? This is what piloting a drone is all about.

If you are filming; plan your shots and flight path before takeoff

Survey the area you’ll be filming on foot, and plan accordingly - based on the environment , your own abilities and equipment.

It is entirely possible to enjoy your drone and still operate it safely, have fun and get some sick footage.

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