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Drones for Industrial Inspection

Drones and UAV's have revolutionized the inspection industry, providing accurate and safe aerial inspections that are time- and cost- effective.

Industrial structures that are large or complex, are best surveyed from the sky, allowing us to view hard-to-access places, in real time, without any major disruption to ongoing work. It minimizes the human risk factor and reduces the time spent on inspection, which in turn then minimizes cost.


Below is a list of a few inspections that we can conduct:

Solar Panel Inspections

Power Lines / Cable Inspections

Wind Turbine / Windmill Inspections

Railway / Train line Inspections

Bridge Inspections

Monument Inspections


How do we go about doing these inspections?

Firstly, due to SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) regulations and general South African laws, certain permissions are required. It is imperative that these permissions are obtained and that all paperwork/documents are in order before locking down a inspection date. Inspection via drones is fast and cost effective, but if the right avenues are not followed, you might end up paying for a operation that never left the ground.

Once all the admin is in place, the drone operator will meet on location with the required persons and in a matter of minutes the drone can be up in the sky. Set up takes as little as 10 minutes. Depending on the scale of footage required, a session can be anything between 2 - 4 hours.

During a session, the drone operator has a live image transmission and by simple indication all the required footage can be obtained.


Get in contact with us today to discuss your industrial inspection!

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