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If you’re asking yourself “is video marketing really and effective way

to promote my business?” The answer is - undoubtedly - YES.

Video consumption is up and heading higher. 4 x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a service or product than read about it. 80% of users recall a video advertisement they viewed in the past 30 days, and in addition, social video generates 12 x the shares than images or text.

Video is an incredibly powerful form of content, in the way that it is able to evoke emotions online, unlike any other medium. Your audience may not immediately respond to an emotionally impactful video, but they are more likely to remember it in a subconscious way and think of your video when the product or service becomes more relevant to their needs. Viewers connect to a video in a way that is unparalleled by other forms of content, which is why it’s the perfect tool to get an audience to take action.

Including video on your website or social platforms will increase the amount of time visitors spend on your page, and the more time spent the more your level of trust increases with search engines, as it signals them that your page is providing quality content. You are 53 x more likely to rank first in a Google search if you have a video embedded.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2018 that the social networking giant generates more than 8 billion videos daily and Cisco’s Visual Networking Index found that global internet from videos will make up to 80% of internet traffic by 2021. This means that 1⁄3 of all online activity is dedicated to watching video.

Video can increase your leads and sales, as well as boost your bottom line, as it produces a higher conversion rate than any other type of content. It attracts 3 x more organic traffic, drives 200 - 300% more unique site visits and increases click-through rates from search engines by 41%.

It’s no secret that video is harder and more expensive to produce, so when you do decide to share a video, your audience will notice.

Here’s a quick doozy of a statistic - Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-after-year, than businesses without video. So if you want to grab your viewers attention connect with them emotionally and get them to take the next step - video is the way to do it.

Ready. Set. Action!

With these video marketing statistics in mind, you might want to make Ambit Aerial your next stop.

Go ahead - all the benefits of video marketing awaits.

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