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Drones vs Helicopters

Recently we have been in many conversations about this topic. Many believe drones have replaced helicopters, not only being more accessible but certainly more cost effective. We do not believe this is true.

The costs

Money talks. Anytime there is an opportunity to save, we do so, and when comparing the cost of a drone per hour and the cost of a helicopter per hour, there is a significant price difference.

But the reason why drones haven't replaced helicopters in this industry, is because their capabilities are very different, it all depends what you what you want.

When to call for a drone

Drones are great for covering small to medium areas.

Due to their size, they can get up close and personal when you are wanting to focus on a specific person, product, object or structure.

In a smaller space, and focusing on specific things, it is also easy to redo a take or play around with shots angles and movements.

Drones are generally battery powered which creates a simpler task than refueling, but again keeping in mind the area to cover because that will impact on your shoot time.

When to call for a helicopter

Helicopters are great for covering medium to large areas.

Helicopters can reach greater heights and cover more distance in shorter time periods.

Helicopter work specifically well for capturing different neighborhoods and cities as well as for long distance following shots. e.g animals and vehicles.


The rule of thumb here is the scale of the area you would like to cover.

Small to Medium - Drone

Medium to Large - Helicopter

There will always be discrepancies. If you aren't sure if the job is on the medium side of drone or medium side of helicopter, contact us and lets chat about your aerial visions.

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